Christiaan Diedericks - Cape Town (SA)

Fine Arts Cum Laude graduate from the North West University (NWU), Christiaan Diedericks has created an impressive body of work over the years. Diedericks has exhibited extensively throughout Southern Africa, as well as internationally. His work has been exhibited in the USA, China, Croatia, Japan, Finland, Argentina, Tanzania, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, England, Sweden, South Korea,  and France, where he worked, as artist in residence, at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris on nine different occasions since 1994. 

Diedericks has also worked in New York, after receiving the prestigious Ampersand Foundation Fellowship in 2006, where his work was exhibited at the gallery 5+5 in Brooklyn to critical acclaim in the New York Bladenewspaper, in December 2007. Diedericks, amongst his many achievements, has been awarded more than thirty artist residencies to date (e.g. Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium; The Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey; The Venice Print Studio for large format printmaking, Italy; the Il Bisonte Printmaking Studio in Florence, Italy and the Guanlan Print Base in Shenzhen, China). Diedericks regularly show his work on international printmaking biennials. In 2015 he featured on the Beijing Biennial in China and in 2017 Christiaan represented South Africa at the 4thInternational Silkroads Art Festival in Xi’an, China.

The artist’s work is in numerous national and international collections – in the collection of MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in NYC, USA to name only one.

 Dani Buch - Barcelona (ESP)

“Dani Buch was born in Girona in 1976 he moved to Barcelona to study Design in the Massana School of Arts. His first exhibition was held in 2001 and since 2009 the presence of his artworks in galleries and art spaces becomes common. His creations cannot be enclosed within the limits set by volumes, materials or formats. He is anartist who experiments and finds new ways for expressing a world view out of the established canons. His anthropomorphic characters are a synthesis of pictorial and graphic style in which line and shape, momentum and emotion, appear before our eyes in a instictive and clear manner. Irony not exempt of reflection to approach a world does not leave us indifferent, and make us feel vertigo between being rational or animal. In his search for sense, Dani Buch has become a vehement contemporary creator of suggestive and challenging forms which can hardly be strange”

Diane Victor - Johannesburg (SA)

Diane Victor has established herself as a major figure in the South African and International art communities and is renowned for her expert printmaking and draughtsmanship. Victor positions herself within the South African art scene through her bold confrontations with difficult and at times taboo subject matter. Her large scale drawings and etchings demonstrate a command of mark-making, which she uses to render her subjects in affecting detail. At times, her work seems to pose challenges to social and political life in contemporary South Africa, considering issues of corruption, violence and an unequal power distribution.

David Theron - Toronto (CA)

David Theron’s current focus has shifted from animation-inspired movement – captured as painted snapshot frames superimposed on a single canvas – to movement expressed as fluid motion and synchronous action.
Reminiscent of Abstract Expressionists, Theron’s gestural brushstrokes and swift sweeps of charcoal trace energetic lines across his surfaces in an attempt to capture and convey constant changing states of existence. His lines are a response to impulse rather than emulated observations of the world. The physical act of painting serves as a metaphorical mining of the subconscious; an art grounded in personal and empathetic experience.


Valentin Steffanof - Paris (FR)

A relatively new artist to be featured in our collection, this creative visionary has produced some of our favorite contemporary pieces. Gaining inspiration from the people and community in which they live, the work of Valentin Steffanof has been described as unconventional and the “art of tomorrow”.

William Kentridge - Johannesburg (SA)

William Kentridge leads the typically unconventional life of a contemporary artist. Working with a wide variety of materials, and constantly pushing conventional boundaries, William Kentridge has a reputation for his unique style and technique. William Kentridge was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1955. He attended the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (1973–76), Johannesburg Art Foundation (1976–78), and studied mime and theater at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris (1981–82). Having witnessed first-hand one of the twentieth century’s most contentious struggles—the dissolution of apartheid—Kentridge brings the ambiguity and subtlety of personal experience to public subjects that are most often framed in narrowly defined terms.Get in touch to find out more about his creative process and upcoming work.

Telephone: +(34) 603531844

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