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DF Contemporary found success as a trendsetting Art Gallery shortly after it was founded. In order to keep growing and expanding year after year, we required an innovative and engaging approach. From guiding clients through the selection process right through to artwork delivery, our commitment to providing impeccable customer service and being a leading Art Dealer remains unchanged.


DF Contemporary promotes the work of international artists in association with other galleries and studios as well as at art fairs. The gallery currently focuses on artists working on paper. DF Contemporary also offers artist residencies to international artists and printmakers.


Past Exhibitions and Art Fairs


DF Opening Exhibition - Group Show

DF(One) - Group Show


Cape Town Art Fair - CT

DF(Two) - Group Show

Turbine Art Fair - JHB

Almost(un)framed - Group Show

Jammer Oortjies - Solo Exhibition by Dani Buch


Theo Kleynhans & David Theron - CT

That Art Fair - CT

Grace Kotze & Jonathan Gecelter - JHB and CT

Turbine Art Fair - JHB

I bet you look good on the dance floor - Solo exhibition by Vanessa Berlein - JHB and CT

The Frida Mash UP - Group Show (curated by Alex Hamilton) - JHB

Bang Bang Boom - Solo exhibition by Norman o' Flynn - JHB and CT

The Winter Show - Group exhibition - JHB and CT

Eros Logos - Solo exhibition by Daya Heller - CT

Is it Art? - Group Show (curated by Derek Zietsman) - JHB and CT

Below the Surface - Solo exhibition by Christiaan Diedericks - CT

Private Collection - Group Show - CT


That Art Fair - CT

Chapter III - Group Show - CT

Artemesia - Group Show CT and JHB

Turbine Art Fair - JHB

Remains - Group Show - CT

Undefined - Group Show  (curated by Dead Bunny Society) - CT

Origin & Lineage - Group Show - CT

50/50 - Group Show - CT

Private Collection - Group Show - CT


Art Africa Art Fair - CT

Mythology/Morphology - Group Show - CT

Turbine Art Fair - JHB

Winter Show - Group Show 

Brush Care Fund - CT

Gallery Re-location to Barcelona Spain 


Sonder - Solo Exhibition by David Theron - BCN Online

Paper - Group Show - BCN Online

Drawings - Solo Exhibition by Adele van Heerden - BCN Online













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